【Plenty of spices♪ Mentsuyu is delicious! 】 How to make a classic Japanese style hamburg steaks


It was a few years ago when I visited a famous hamburger restaurant, a few minutes’ walk from the company where I was working at the time.
At this time, I realized again the true taste of hamburger steak!
1 hour waiting in line
Finally I entered the store and ordered a special hamburg steaks.
In addition to the exaltation when the hamburg steak was brought to the table, the taste when I ate hamburg steak was very very deicious!!

The meat uses 100% Japanese black beef.
The softy, the overflowing gravy, and the deliciousness were truly moving.

I want to make such a juicy hamburg steak—!!
With that in mind, I decided to make a hamburger politely according to the points.


There are three main tips for making plump and juicy hamburg steaks.

The first is to knead the minced meat firmly.
Before mixing onions and bread crumbs, kneading the meat firmly until it becomes sticky can trap the taste in the meat.

The second is to firmly remove the air from the meat.
If there is air in the meat, the meat will crack when it is baked and the gravy will flow out.
Then throw the meat around for 10 round trips with both hands and catch the broth firmly in the meat.

Third, hold down the center of the meat when baking.
After shaping the meat into the desired shape, lightly press the center of the meat when placing it on the frying pan.
By doing this, you can avoid the sad ending that “the surroundings were burned, but the middle was raw…”
It is also effective in cooking meat evenly.


After making the meat carefully, all you have to do is steam it while watching the heat.
Now you can enjoy hamburg steaks that are as good as the famous restaurant!!
Why don’t you make a hamburg steak tonight to enjoy the moment when you insert a knife into a freshly made hamburg steak?


  • Ground beef and pork(250g)
  • 1/4 Onion(50g)
  • Lotus root(50g)
  • 1 Japanese ginger “Myoga”
  • A piece of ginger(1 tsp)
  • Salt and black pepper(a little)
  • Nutmeg(a little)
  • Bread crumbs(1/2 cup)
  • Milk(2 tbsp)
  • 1 Egg
  • Water(50ml)
  • Salad oil(1 tbsp)
  • Japanese white radish “Daikon”(100g)
  • Green shiso leaf(4 leaves)
    a)Noodle soup base “Mentsuyu”(3 tbsp)*No dilution
    a)Mirin(2 tbsp)
    a)Sake(1 tbsp)
    a)Sugar(1 tbsp)

Serves 2

50  minutes




1 Put water(1000ml) and salt(1/2tsp) in a pan and bring to a boil.
 Put pasta in the pot and boil for the indicated time.

2 Prepare the sauce while boiling the pasta.
 Make a cut in the skin of the spicy cod roe and peel off the skin.
 Cut the butter into 5㎜ squares.
 Layer the green shiso leaf(2-3leaves) and shred it.
*This time I used frozen Mentaiko. It is easy to remove the skin when frozen♪

3 Put the cod roe, butter(10g), Japanese noodle soup base(1 tsp), and fresh cream(1 tbsp) in a bowl.
*This time, we use Japanese noodle soup base without dilution.

4 When the pasta is boiled, drain the water, put the pasta in the bowl of (3) and mix until the butter is dissolved.
 Add small pieces of deep-fried dough and mix gently.

5 Put the pasta on the plate and put sliced laver, green shiso leaf and salmon roe on it♪
*When you decorate the lemon peel, it looks beautiful and has a refreshing flavor.



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