Somen noodles with colorful vegetables


The update is a little late, and we are now updating the dishes and dining table for star festival.

Tanabata is a Japanese calendar that originated in China, but it is said that it is a culture unique to Japan that started eating somen noodles as an event food on the day of star festival.
It is said that thin white noodles are reminiscent of Orihime’s weaving thread or the Milky Way.

It should be noted that in Japan, somen noodles are favored as a meal to be eaten in the hot summer season, rather than to be eaten on the star festival day.
This is because cold noodles can be eaten deliciously without an appetite.

Thinking about the Milky Way floating in the night sky…
How about somen noodles to get rid of heat?


  • 200g somen noodles
  • 2 shrimp
  • 1/4 cucumber
  • 1/2 pack of red cabbage sprout
  • 1 myoga(Japanese ginger)
  • 2 tsp white sesame
  • ~noodle soup base~
    a)50ml noodle soup base “mentsuyu”
    a)200ml water
    a)3 tbsp vinegar
    a)1 tsp sesame oil
    a)1 tsp chicken stock powder

Serves 2

30  minutes




1 Prepare the shrimp.
 Stripping the shell and remove the vein.
 Cut off the tail diagonally.
 After rubbing with a small amount of potato starch, rinse with water.
 *If you add potato starch and knead it, the stain will be removed.

2 Put (a) noodle soup and water (50 ml only) in a pan and bring to a boil, then cook the shrimp.
 If you boil it too hard, it will become hard, so please take it out as soon as the color of the shrimp turns red.
 *The soup stock is cooked as it is in a pan.

3 Make the Mentsuyu base.
 Put all the ingredients in (2) and soup stock in (2) in a bowl and mix well until the chicken stock is melted.
 *Then, cool it in the fridge or add ice to the water to cool it♪

4 Cucumber is shredded. Myoga is sliced. Red cabbage sprout drops the stem.

5 Boil plenty of water in a pan, add somen and boil for the prescribed time, then cool with cold water.

6 Place on a bowl. Somen noodles tend to harden when dried, so roll them up while scooping a handy amount.
 Place some vegetables on top of somen and put white sesame and shrimp in the center to complete.



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