Welcome to MIMI ’S KITCHEN! !


Welcome to “MIMI’S KITCHEN” !!
I am CHRYSAN who writes this article.
This site “MIMI’S KITCHEN” was launched together with ANTHEMUM.
With the theme of Japanese food, the concept is that anyone can feel free to make, be fashionable and delicious.

The reason why the site was launched was that, at one bar, a common recognition was born that we wanted to spread Japanese culture to the world.
In that bar, I have remember that we were talking a little bit difficult theme, such as stocks or politics.

Then, I quickly got an image of the Japanese culture that foreigners might be interested in, that is, what kind of culture I should be offer.
However, as we are very ordinary drinker, so we have found that we have no advantage to convey Japanese culture.
We are usually optimistic, but only this time we were disappointed at our lack of value….!!

However, no matter how long I worry, Since the situation does not change, so I decided to think lightly about it, and the answer we got was
“Let’s offer information of Japanese food !!?”.

The plan doesn’t go so well !?

Our hobbies is cooking from before (although amateur level…), and CHRYSAN has a hobby of taking pictures and shooting videos, and also has a dream of wanting people around the world to see video media.
So we decided to start with liquid courage.

Now that we have a plan, we also started to put our hands on various media based on the opinions of each other at once.
However, because everything is our first experience, and we were repeated trial and error to create those platforms, and the production was not progressing at all…

However, I had been working all night evey day because I cannot compromise on my determination.
It was very difficult, but I was fortunate to be able to work together while sharing the roles, and that the values ​​of each other were quite similar and there was no disagreement on the concept or theme.
The plan was to start on March 1st, but it has slipped until today … .

There was trial and error, but …

In this blog, we will offer with the goal of “Introducing Japanese recipes four times a week”, and on YouTube we will publish “Recipe introduction video”.

Finally, when I started, I thought, “It would be so easy!!”
But when I actually tried it, it made me realize once again that transmission of information was very difficult.

But at the same time, I also feel that it is extremely fun.
Goals are high, high, high, low, high … we would like to struggle, while sometimes taking breaks.

There are many things that I’m not used to, and I’m still immature, so I think that I will continue to try and error in the future,
I want to express “Japan” that what we felt like. Be ourself.

Make every day a little fashionable. A little fun.
A color of a spoonful.

Give color to your life.



In this blog, CHRYSAN & ANTHEMUM introduces recipes on the theme of Japanese food. The concept is easily enjoy, stylish and yummy! I would like to work on researching recipes every day so tha...


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