【Table setting】Halloween night to enjoy with children


No.009 Halloween night to enjoy with children

Hello. This is Anthemum.
This time, the 9th table is a table that
matches the 59th to 62nd dishes.
Only at this time! I made a Halloween table.

I live with my husband, so the usual events are birthdays,
anniversaries, and Christmas, and I don’t celebrate Halloween
in particular, but this year my 3-year-old niece plays
for the first time in half a year.
I decided to come to the table and set up the table
with all my heart to please my niece.

I can’t go out to play because of the coronavirus,
so I wanted to make an exciting table at home,
and I think I bought too many figures (laughs).
Because it’s cute …! ♡
I bought most of the figures this time at “NATURAL KITCHEN”,
but there were so many lovely toys that I really wanted to
take them home.
Maybe I think all kind of the animals and ghosts have been
bought and take home.

There are too many characters, so I decided to make a story.
The theme of the whole table is “Dwarf’s Halloween Party”.
Divide the table runner into three parts and decorate
the figure according to each small theme.

The small theme is
(1)”Squah field at the foot of the mountain”
   (Dwarfs are harvesting squash)
(2)”Idle gossip in the forest”
(3)”Dwarf’s village”(Preparing for the halloween party)

It was decided that Pii-kun and Pii-chan of Kiiroitori
cast magic to participate in the party of the dwarfs
and transformed into ghosts.
(Kiroitori is a famous Japanese character and a favorite of nieces☺)

While thinking about my niece, I soon became happy,
but I hope that the elaborate table will please me.

For cuisine, use Halloween theme colors, orange, purple,
and black to unify the atmosphere.

I hope it will be a fun Halloween day―.
Happy Halloween‼

What I used

  • Tablecloth:Handmade
  • Table runner:Handmade
  • Dishes:TOSHO Kiln
  • Cutlery rest:TSUKIYO NO KOBO
  • Cutlery:ZARA HOME
  • Glass:RIEDEL“Fat a Mano”
  • Fake flower:east side tokyo
  • Napkin:Handmade
  • Napkin ring(ribbon):Handmade
  • Menu card:Handmade

Main color:Purple

■ Sub color:Brown
■ Sub color:Black
■ Accent color:Orange

The cuisine made at this time

☝ Click on the recipe title to see the recipe in the blog ☺


”Barrel Select Chardonnay 2019”
This time, I combined the white wine I bought before.
I get lost in sparkling wine or white wine, to match with sea urchin and scallops, but decided on white wine according to the mood of the day. Both I and Chrysan like white wine, so white wine appears a lot.
Made in Bodega Norton, Argentina, Chardonnay has a refined taste and amazing quality.

Table Cloth

Gorgeous with the main color purple cloth.
For the table runner, I used brown fake suede in the image of a forest.
Both are handmade.

Table napkin

“Tomato red” color napkin with a thickness of 1 mm does not fray even if it is left uncut. It has purple stitching.
A table that tends to get messy with lots of items and colors.
Of course, similar colors are also fine for napkins, but this time they are brightly arranged.
It’s very easy to fold. In the image of a “witch hat”, roll it into a triangle and fold the edge of the cloth inside.


Make it gorgeous like Halloween.

Glass & Tubmler

The white and black twisted stems match the lively atmosphere.
There were many decorations and sets this time, so for safety, I set the tall wine glass last.

Menu card

I wrapped the ribbon of the leaf motif that was also used for decoration and finished it in a slightly eerie atmosphere.


“Squah field at the foot of the mountain”
If you look closely, the dwarfs come to the squah field at the foot of the mountain and collect the squahs.
Owls are watching from the hills as they are harvesting.


“Idle gossip in the forest”
The small theme in the center is “Conversation of animals in the forest”.
The space made of willow is like being in a forest.
Under the squash lighthouse, squirrels and happy friends are chatting.
Somehow, they seem to be talking about the Halloween party tonight.


“Dwarf’s village”
The innermost part is an image of a village of dwarfs.
There are several house gatherings and the dwarfs are preparing for the feast.
The brandy wooden box given by an overseas friend is perfect for the atmosphere of a dwarf’s hut.
The large space in the village was for carrying pudding made from harvested squashs ♪

Plus one item!

“Go to the party!”
Preparation for the party have been completed!!
And Pii-kun and Pii-chan who were invited to this party just got on the “ghost taxi” and arrived there.
They were transformed into a ghost by magic to join in the party. They sits happily in the back seat and holds
gifts to give to friends in the village.
Then, the beginning of the Halloween party for the dwarfs and friends!!

On YouTube, we will deliver table settings and serving dishes!
I would be grateful if you could take a look and let us know what you think ☺♬



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