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Mimi's Kitchen

Welcome to MIMI’S KITCHEN! !
This channel is based on the theme of Japanese food, anyone can feel free to do it,
And we introduce recipe videos with the concept of delicious.

In this blog, we introduce tips on how to make and use each recipe, cooking history and episodes!
I would like to study every day so that those who see the recipe will be interested.

◇ CHRYSAN A salaryman who lives in Tokyo and lives up to his hobbies. At MIMI’S KITCHEN, she is in charge of sweets and Asian cuisine.
◆ ANTHEMUM Lives in Tokyo and is in charge of Japanese food at MIMI’S KITCHEN. My hobby is table coordination.

In addition, he is in charge of video editing and shooting. The origin of MIMI’S uses the name of a stuffed animal that ANTHEMUM takes care of.

Mimi's Kitchen

We wanted to spread Japanese culture because we learned about Japan’s uniqueness when traveling around the world.
Of course, at first I was fascinated by the various foods, cultures and customs of the world and was overwhelmed and overwhelmed.
To be more precise, for example, it is temperament, words, thoughts, climate, fragrance, etc …
Each country was reminded of the goodness of its land and land and that the world was large.

We were fascinated by such foreign countries, but when we looked back, we realized that Japan had a unique worldview that was as competitive as the world.
Japan has a unique culture because it is the end of the Silk Road, the end of continental culture, and an oriental island nation.
Speaking of old times, Kabuki, geisha, and sumo are Japanese cultures that can be compared to “Fujiyama” and “Geisha.”
If I talk about it now, I think it can be compared to “AKIHABARA”, “TOKYO”, “KYOTO”, “MANGA”, etc.
We feel that Japan is a world where retro culture, pop culture, and subculture merge.

This unique culture was born in the Oriental island nation, and I think that it was due to the lack of active contact with the outside and the unique character of the Japanese.
I wanted to convey the Japan that we felt, and arranged it ourselves based on Japanese food,

Make every day a little fashionable. A little fun.
Add a spoonful of color.