Gapao rice


Synonymous with Thai food! Introducing Gapao Rice☺.
The most classic and easy recipe! Sweet and spicy sauce and rich flavor☆
While feeling the ethnic atmosphere,
Please try this tropical dish that is different from your usual dining table☆

◆Ingredients(For 2 servings)

– ground chicken : 200g (7oz) *or ground pork
– onion : 1/2 *chopped
– fresh red paprika : 1/4 *cut into cubes
– bell pepper : 1/2 *cut into cubes
– fresh sweet basil leaf : 8 leaves
– minced garlic : 1 head
– douban jiang (spicy bean paste) : 1 tsp
– a)nam pla (fish sauce) : 1 tbsp
– a)coconut sugar : 1/2 tbsp
– a)oyster sauce : 1 tsp
– a)soy sauce : 1 tsp
– red hot pepper : 2~3
– sesame oil : adjust to suit your needs

– egg : 2
– black pepper : dash
– cooked jasmin rice : 2 serving portions

YIELD: Serves 2

TOTAL TIME: 30 minutes

COST: middle



1 Chop 1/2 onion into small pieces.
 Mince a clove of garlic.
 Cut 1/4 red bell pepper into 1 cm cubes.
 Cut 1/2 green bell pepper into 1 cm cubes.
 Combine seasonings ahead of time.

2 Heat about 2 teaspoons sesame oil over medium heat,
 add garlic and soy sauce and saute until fragrant.
 Add onion and saute until softened.
 Add minced chicken (or pork) and stir-fry, breaking up the meat as you go.
 Add red bell peppers and bell pepper.

3 Add seasonings and stir-fry.
 Add the quickly rinsed basil leaves,
 mix everything together and turn off the heat.

4 Arrange rice, gapao, and fried egg on a plate.
 Sprinkle basil and pepper to taste☆



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