【Make with new potatoes】A little moisture and crispy♪ How to make french fries


French fries.
At tavern, fast food shop, steak shop.
From adults to children. I think it’s a potato dish that everyone loves.

This French fries is a dish that came from Europe and America, and is mainly called “French fries” overseas. “French fries” is common in the US, and “chips” is common in the UK.
In Japan it is called “fried potatoes”.
When I say “French fries”, I imagine it’s a fried food from France, but its origin is-.

Actually, there are various theories about the origin of this French fry, but the theory of Belgium is influential.
A long time ago, in the 17th century, small fish caught in rivers were fried and eaten in Belgium, but when the weather was bad and it was unfishing, instead of small fish, cut potatoes into small pieces and fried and eating.
Then, an American soldier thoughted that he was a Frenchman who saw a French-speaking Belgian eating potatoes and named it “French fries”.

In the Belgian language it is called “Frietjes” and there are many Frietjes specialty shops everywhere in Belgium.
It’s truly Belgian soul food.

Ahhh!! I want to go to Belgium someday and drink beer with a French fries …!
Now that I can’t even go out because new coronavirus(COVID-19), I feel like traveling even more.
I can’t travel, so I want to buy Hoegaarden today and enjoy the Belgian mood at home!

How about a homemade french fries to accompany a Belgian beer?


  • 4 New potatoes(about 280g)
  • Flour(2 tbsp)
  • Potato starch(2 tbsp)
  • Salad oil(as needed; about 1cup)
  • Salt(as needed; about 1/2tsp)
  • Chervil(as needed)

*Flavor salt
a)Yukari salt
 Salt(1/4 tsp)
 Red shiso Leaf Powder(1 tsp)
b)Matcha salt
 Salt(1/4 tsp)
 Green tea powder(1 tsp)
c)Curry salt
 Salt(1/4 tsp)
 Curry powder(1/4 tsp)

Serves 2

20  minutes




1 Wash the new potatoes and cut them comb-shaped. This time it was divided into 8 equal parts.
  Pour plenty of water into the bowl and soak the new potatoes for about 60 minutes.
  *Since the whole skin is fried, the soil etc. are thoroughly washed away♪

2 Prepare a flavor salt. Mix each amount.

3 Drain new potatoes and wipe off surface moisture.
 Mix the flour(2 tbsp) and the potato starch(2 tbsp) and coat the new potatoes well.
 *Blend flour and potato starch for a crispy finish♪
   If you prefer a crispy texture, increase the amount of potato starch.

4 Put the oil in a pan, heat to 150℃, and deep-fry the new potatoes coated with flour and potato starch.
 Deep fry for 4-5 minutes and take out from the pan once it has a light brown color.

5 Raise the oil temperature to 180℃ and deep-fry the potatoes again.
   As a guide, it takefinish crispy is to deep-fry the inside at low temperature first, and then deep-fry the sRaise the oil temperature to 180℃ and deep-fry the potatoes again.
   As a guide, it takes about 2 minutes.
 *The point to finish crispy is to deep-fry the inside at low temperature first, and then deep-fry the surface at high temperature.urface at high temperature.

6 Take out from pan and sprinkle with salt (1/2 tsp) before cooling.

7 Serve in a bowl and add flavor salt♪



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