Egg rolls with Japanese plum, chicken breast and cheese


Hello. This is Anthemum from Mimi’s Kitchen.
Although it feels hot and humid during the long rainy seasons in Japan, it makes me feel thankful for the fact that it rains a lot in consideration of nature.

Star festival season. The season when plums are delicious.
This time, we designed a dining table where you can feel the “season”.

It’s very easy to make.
The flavor of garlic is very delicious.
And it’s fried but healthy!

Please try!

Ingredients(10 pieces)

  • 10 sheets wrappers of egg roll
  • 5 chicken breast
  • a)2 tbsp sake
  • a)1/2 tsp salt
  • a)1 clove of garlic
  • b)1 tbsp Japanese plum paste
  • b)1 tsp Japanese noodle soup base “Mentsuyu”
  • 10 leaves green shiso leaf
  • 10 sheets sliced ​​cheese(melting type)
  • 2 tsp flour
  • 2 tsp water
  • 200ml salad oil

Serves 2

45  minutes




1 Grate garlic.
 perilla leaves drop stems.
 Cut the strings off the chicken breast.

2 Put (a) in a 100°C heat resistant bag and seal it.
 Boil hot water in a pan, turn off the heat when it boiled, put a heat-resistant bag on the lid and cover with a lid, leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes, and then cook.

3 Peel the spring rolls and layer them alternately.
 I’ll remove the cheese out of the film.
 Mix flour and water to make water-soluble flour.

4 Put (b) in a bowl and mix gently to dissolve the plum paste.
 When the rough heat of (2) is removed, take the chicken breats from the bag to drain water and loosen it finely.
 Place the chicken in a bowl and mix gently.

5 Place the skin of the spring rolls with the corners facing you and place the cheese on the bottom center of the skin.
 Place the perilla leaf in the upper center of the skin with the tip of the leaf upward.
 *Place the surface of the perilla down♪
 Place the chicken breast evenly on the bottom half of the cheese and wrap it with half the width of the cheese.
 After winding twice, fold both sides of the skin and wrap the rest.
 Wrap the edges of the skin with water-soluble flour to prevent it from spreading.

6 Heat the salad oil in a pan, gently add the spring rolls, and fry until the whole is a golden brown color.
 Cut the spring rolls diagonally and put them in a plate to complete it♪



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