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No.010 Simple meal

Hello. This is Anthemum.
This time, the 10th table setting.
At the time of the last Halloween, I had a lively production,
This time, both of them may have had a feeling of being calm and simple.

simple meal. The origin of Japanese food.
We wanted to go back to that basics once, and the menu was decided in no time.

First of all, white rice.
Originally, “How to cook white rice” was the theme I shot as the first work
of Mimi’s Kitchen, but I didn’t like the video and didn’t release it.
We was finally able to shoot again this time.

Then soup.
Miso soup of pork and vegetables is matched
with the pure white and glossy freshly cooked rice.
Miso soup of pork and vegetables has always been my favorite food,
and I really would like to eat it and make it.
With such a strong feeling, I chose this soup.

Finally, the main dish.
You can eat pork and root vegetables in the soup, so let’s use fish as the main dish.
The flounder at this time is delicious when boiled, and I thought that
the monochrome atmosphere of the flounder seems to suit this theme.

And for the table setting, I tried to arrange the Japanese “Wabi-Sabi” in my own way.
Based on white and black, it is simple and as stylish as possible.
Arita Porcelain Lab’s matte texture and simple form with the decoration removed
were just what we were looking for.

Finally, add an accent with a red paper crane and a single purple flower.
Even though it is simple and modern, I devised it so that it would not be “plain”.

What I used

  • Tablecloth:Axel Japan, Handmade
  • Place mat:Aizu lacquer FUKUNISHI
  • Paper mat:Itoya “Snow Dream”
  • Cup:KORINDO ECHIZEN lacquer
  • Chopsticks rest:TOSHO kiln
  • Chopsticks:TAKASHIMAYA Department
  • Flower base:ALART“UTAKATA”
  • Fake flower:east side tokyo
  • Teapot:Nambu Ironware

Main color:Black and White
■ Accent color:Red

The cuisine made at this time

☝ Click on the recipe title to see the recipe in the blog ☺


In Japan, green tea is often drunk regardless of the season while or after eating, but warm green tea is especially delicious in the fall and winter.
A refreshing taste. Sweetness and richness in bitterness.
It goes well with any meal, but especially for Japanese food. I love green tea as much as coffee and tea!!

Table Cloth

Based on thick black linen, white linen of the same thickness is layered and contrasted.

Place mat & dishes(White)

On the table cloth, make a personal space with a 33 cm square place mat.
It is difficult to arrange placemats of exactly the same shape and size in different colors, so I cut and laid glossy paper.
This is a recommended way to easily arrange the atmosphere ♪

Place mat & dishes(Black)

This side is unified in black.
I reduced the color gracefully, so it was very simple and elegant.


The flower vase is ALART “UTAKATA”.
Elegant with a vase made in the image of a moon-viewing window.
Purple flowers are inserted in the vase. It’s image of a single flower that is dignified in the moonlit night.

Chopsticks & Chopsticks rest

I used red chopsticks in the monotone to accentuate it.
Match the colors with the paper cranes so that the colors do not increase too much.


Teapot of gift from my boss is handy in a size that is just right for two people to eat.
It’s good old, but the design is modern. I am very attracted to such a balance.

On YouTube, we will deliver table settings and serving dishes!
I would be grateful if you could take a look and let us know what you think ☺♬



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