【Table setting】Evening in early summer


No.001 Evening in early summer

From this time, we will introduce table setting according to the cuisine.
Taking advantage of the tableware that I collected little by little as a hobby and the knowledge of table setting that I have learned as a hobby.
I would like to deliver on the theme of modern Japanese.

By the way, the first work on the table is “Evening in early summer”.
The dish is simply white because the cuisine are green and orange.
Since the white plate is the basis of table setting, I would like to start with the white plate first, and I am using “Japan Snow” of “Arita Porcelain Lab” with a beautiful matte texture.
Details such as items are introduced below.

I plan to buy more little by little, but I would like to try to make a wonderful setting by using the items that are as close to me as possible!

What I used

  • Table runner:TABLE RECIPE“Basho”
  • Dishes:ARITA PORCELAIN LAB“Japan snow”
  • Cutlery:SAKURAI“Joel Robuchon selection”
  • Cutlery rest:TSUKIYONO KOBO
  • Glass:Baccarat“Vega”
  • Tumbler:Baccarat“Vita”
  • Linen napkin:Atelier Junko
  • Napkin ring:Michael Michaud
  • Fake flower:Tokyu Hands etc.
  • Menu card:Handmade
  • Acacia wood bowl:Kitchen world TDI
  • Light:SONY glass sound speaker LSPX-S

Main color:Forest green

Sub color:Antique orange
■ Accent color:Silver

The cuisine made at this time

☝ Click on the recipe title to see the recipe in the blog ☺


Chateau Marjosse Blanc 2014
I found white wine when I was looking for
alcoholic drinks that would match natto.
“The refreshing taste of Sauvignon Blanc
is in perfect harmony with the strength
of natto’s taste, and revoke it in a
refreshing.” says my friends’ sommeliers.

en herb rooibos tea
Link to the antique orange

Table Cloth

The wide table runner that replaces the table cloth is “Basho”, a table recipe with impressively drawn leaves.
It has the image of a summer breeze table.

Table napkin

Linen napkin from “Atelier Junko”. By linking with some of the colors of the table runner, it becomes a gentle green.
How to fold: Fold it while shifting the folds in the image of leaves swaying in the breeze.

Cutlery set

The accessories are unified in silver to create a coolness.

Glass & Tubmler

Baccarat’s beautiful wine glass “Vega” is a gift.
The tumbler is a 2019 tumbler also called “Vita” from Baccarat.

Fake flower

I expressed a flower that is colored orange in the setting sun.

Menu card

Looking at the balance of the entire table, I wanted a little more orange, so I added a color with the menu card. Washi and origami are available at “Kyukyo-do” and 100-yen shops.

You can see the table setting on YouTube, so please check it out!
And I would be happy if you could tell us your impressions ♪



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