【Table setting】When You Wish Upon a Star ~White Christmas to spend calmly


No.012 When You Wish Upon a Star ~White Christmas to spend calmly

Hello. This is Anthemum.
This time, the 12th table setting.
It will be arranged according to the table of the 69th to 73th works.

It will be early and a little later in 2020.
There were various events in 2020, including the coronavirus.
At the end of such a year, I would like to refresh my mood
and welcome the new year with a fresh feeling.
With that in mind, the theme of the table was “White Christmas”.

The main colors are white and glittering gold, which is the image of a snowy landscape.
Add a shade in brown as an accent. Change the color of brown little by little.
Also, since it’s winter, I wanted to create a warm atmosphere
(so that it doesn’t get cold), so I chose a deep burgundy color for the napkin.
It’s fresher than red and gives a mature impression!

We prepared 4 dishes and 1 dessert.
Since the table is set simply, the gorgeousness of the ingredients look better.
Add red ingredients such as micro tomatoes, radishes, and edible roses,
or add red color with paprika powder.
It’s a tiny commitment that only you may notice, but it’s recommended
because it makes the dining table brighter and gives a sense of unity.

Also, this time I carried all the meals together in a casual way,
but you can serve appetizers, seafood, meat in order.
There is no rule, so either one is fine♪
I hope that we can spend less time in the kitchen and spend time in a way
that is comfortable for us so that we can enjoy our meals together♪

I put my thoughts into each item I used,
so I hope you can refer to the below.
Have a nice day! Merry Christmas!!♬

What I used

  • Under cloth:Table Recipe
  • Tablecloth:Handmade
  • Gold table runner:Proflax
  • Plate・cutlery:ZARA HOME
  • Glasses:Bohemian glass
  • Gift box・Candle・Milky bottle・white willow:east side tokyo
  • Aurora ornament:DAISO
  • Star-shaped illumination:LIVING HOUSE
  • Linen napkin:Axcel Japan
  • Christmas menu card:Handmade

Main color:White

■ Sub color:Gold
■ Accent color:Brown
■ Accent color:burgundy

The cuisine made at this time

☝ Click on the recipe title to see the recipe in the blog ☺


“Bourgogne Ros David Duband 2019”
The sweetness unique to rosé is modest, and it’s a refreshing and easy-to-drink wine.
It’s good to combine white for fish and red for meat…, but we couldn’t drink a lot, so we chose a rosé that suits every cuisine.
It’s delicious even if it’s cold or a little lukewarm. It’s common to drink in a suited glass, but you can also enjoy drinking freely in the glass you want to use at the “your restaurant”♪

Table Cloth

White is used as the base color in the image of a snowy landscape. Undercloth is a convenient item as a cushioning material and also for creating a soft atmosphere.
I love the “Proflax” gold table runner because it’s easy to match with any base color. We also have silver in different color and shapes.

Table napkin

The folding method is called “delta” and is also used for formal scenes.
The tree-like form is cute and elegant.
The aurora-colored ornament is very cheap but beautiful ♪ The fastener was silver, so I removed it and wrapped a gold ribbon with double-sided tape.


Since the ZARA HOME plate was large, we prepared the centerpiece (the item that symbolizes the table) separately on the left and right.
White gift box on one side. It’s a secret that I cut the ribbon too short and managed to tie it (lol) ♪
Multiple gift boxes are a display that you can often see in show windows holiday season, but I also put in “a feeling of gratitude to a loved one” and “a feeling of reward for myself.”
The other side is shining with star-shaped illuminations. It goes well with a gentle milky bottle and brightens the table.


The gold cutlery I bought at ZARA HOME before is simple and easy to match, so I love it a lot!
This time I served turnip mousse as an appetizer, so I put a tea spoon on it so that I could use it freely ♪

Glass & Tubmler

Bohemian glass is beautifully cutting, and just put it, to make the table gorgeous. It goes well with the cutting of the under plate of ZARA HOME and has a sense of unity.
They are usually used as champagne glasses and wine glasses, but this time I put rose wine and herbal tea. It is unique to “home restaurant” that you can enjoy it freely ♪

Christmas menu card

This is the card I made the best I have ever made.
Fold the black drawing paper in half and stack the white and gold papers in a smaller size.
I cut the center of the white paper into a triangle with a cutter, stuck a cute ribbon with gold organdy on the back, and stuck it on black paper with double-sided tape.
Finally, paste the ribbon cut out in a circle on the triangle, and you stand it on the napkin with ornaments, it will done a greeting card suitable for Christmas day♪

On YouTube, we will deliver table settings and serving dishes!
I would be grateful if you could take a look and let us know what you think ☺♬



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