【Table setting】Relaxing time in the winter morning


No.011 Relaxing time in the winter morning

Hello. This is Anthemum.
This time, the 11th table setting.
It will be arranged according to the table of the 66th to 68th works.

When I wanted to eat pancakes after a long time,
I found such a wonderful “Blue Line Series” plate
at a 100-yen shop, which is the beginning of this table setting.

Speaking of pancakes, am I the only one who thinks of
a slow weekend breakfast or brunch?
For such a breakfast side menu, hot soup and a little salad are enough.

It’s hard to make a lot, so if possible,
it’s best to make something from the day before.
With that in mind, I decided to combine seasonal cream of burdock soup,
and fried salmon marinated in spicy vinegar sauce.

And if you’re setting up a table in the morning,
you probably don’t want to spend time preparing.

Arrange cutlery at regular intervals, place delicate glasses, and so on.
That’s also the fun of table setting,
In the morning, I don’t think about such difficult things at all,
and sometimes it’s nice to have a table that is loose and roughly made.
With that in mind, I decided to put it together casually.

I bought it at a 100 yen shop because I wanted to be casual. (100 yen is about 1 dollar)
The price is surprisingly 100 yen for each plate and mug.
Fake flowers, initial objects, and yarn are 100 yen. Eight pine cones cost 100 yen.
Cutlery and linen napkins were purchased at SALE for less than 1,000 yen ($ 10).

Incorporate winter-like items to add playfulness.
The good thing about table setting is that you can enjoy it with free ideas
because there is no correct answer.
It was the morning I thought about it again.

What I used

  • Tablecloth/Table runner:Handmade
  • Place mat:AndYu
  • Dishes/Cup:DAISO
  • Cutlery:ZARA HOME
  • Linen napkin:Axel Japan
  • Napkin ring:Handmade
  • Flower Basket/Fake flower:DAISO
  • Figure(Yarn/Initial object/Pinecone):DAISO
  • Candle:east side tokyo

Main color:Blue

■ Sub color:Brown
□ Sub color:White
■ Accent color:Red

The cuisine made at this time

☝ Click on the recipe title to see the recipe in the blog ☺

Table Cloth

It is a blue cloth that I often used in summer, but it looks like winter depending on the items to match.
The tartan check cloth layered on top creates a relaxed atmosphere by letting the cloth fray without sewing.
Even lazy ideas(lol) look fashionable with some ingenuity.

Table napkin

The napkin arranges a folding method called “Baron”. The soft waves resemble the leaves of a tree fluttering in the winter breeze.
The napkin ring is a ready-made ring wrapped with yarn.
Details are introduced on YouTube!


All combinations of centerpieces are prepared by DAISO. DAISO is a petite price shop.
The popular initial objects are lined up with “zzz” to express “dreamy morning”.
The basket should also be warm and country-style. The pine cones, which are the motif of winter, are placed randomly, and the yarns are hung casually to create a relaxed atmosphere.


ZARA HOME cutlery. I bought it at SALE last season.
The matte texture matches the soft atmosphere.

Mug cup

The mug is also DAISO’s blue line series. I’m glad to get in plenty.
I put potage this time, but I often enjoy it with coffee and tea ♪

Menu card

Layer ivory cardboard on red paper cut to the size of a postcard and tie it like a gift with yarn.
I don’t usually prepare a menu card for breakfast, but it makes me feel fresh, so it’s nice to prepare it once in a while♬
I finish it with a soft atmosphere with watercolor pencils.

On YouTube, we will deliver table settings and serving dishes!
I would be grateful if you could take a look and let us know what you think ☺♬



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