【Aiming for Instagram!】A little stylish and easy way to make Thai style omelette


The blogs we have talked about so far have talked about the history of that cuisine, but this time I would like to talk about this cuisine from a slightly different perspective.
I(Crysan) like unparalleled “Southeast Asia”, and especially “Thailand” is my favorite!
So this time, let me talk from the perspective of “I like the country and the city.”

By the way, I have traveled to Thailand four times in total (Isn’t it a few as “Unrivaled Thai lover”? lololol)

The reason why I have come to love “Thailand” so much is because it is easy to say “Thai food”, “Bangkok”, “Beach”, “Gentleness of people”, “Unique atmosphere in Southeast Asian”.
Actually, my first overseas trip was Thailand.
Until then, I used to say, “Overseas is boring, Japan is the best!”, But I was forced to go to Thailand reluctantly at work…, and then I was captivated by it!

The culture shock at that time was amazing.
After that, I often went to Thailand to play …

It’s such a “Thailand”, but recently prices have risen considerably compared to the past, so it’s no longer as easy to visit as I used to.
However, prices are still lower than in Japan, so you can enjoy a more luxurious trip than traveling to another country.
As long as I’m happy as a liquor lover, beer is cheap, and even if you drink and eat with friends at the stall, it’s about 3,000 yen (30 USD).
I’m good at spicy food, so I can eat any Thai food deliciously and the cost performance is very good!

However, when I travel to Thailand, I always enjoy “hotel life”…
Five-star hotel in Thailand is good service, good food, good scenery and reasonable price. It’s great without saying!

By the way, speaking of Thailand’s beach resort, “Phuket” is famous, but other than that, Pattaya, Phi Phi Island, etc. are also famous.
Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio’s movie “The Beach” was shot on Phi Phi Island, where the beach is so beautiful.

If you want to enjoy a beach resort in such Thailand, “Phuket” is a good place, but I would recommend “Krabi” Islands.
This beach, a really nice, bay-shaped white sandy beach surrounded by large rocks, is breathtaking.
Surrounded by large rocky mountains, the white sandy beach is a breathtaking beauty.
There are few people making noise, and one of the attractions is that you can spend time quietly and comfortably.
Well, it is quite difficult to explain in words, so if you have the opportunity to go to Thailand, please make it a candidate for a destination.

The story has become long, such I(Crysan) love Thailand, and among Thai food, I especially like is “Thai style omelet”, which is “Kaiyassai”.
Kaiyassai is an omelet in which minced meat and onions are fried with nampler, ketchup, black pepper and coconut sugar and wrapped in lightly roasted eggs.

Super easy to make! Bake thinly roasted eggs, add the fried ingredients, wrap the eggs, and you’re done!
It goes well with nampler, and it’s even better if you eat it with chili sauce!

Now let me introduce “Thai style omelet” for today’s menu.


  • Ground beef and pork(40g)
  • 1/2 Onion(100g)
  • 1/4 Carrot(40g)
  • 1/4 Boiled bamboo shoots(40g)
  • 2 Shiitake mushroom
  • 1/2 Canned green peas
  • Small green onion(2 tbsp)
  • A piece pf garlic
  • Olive oil(2 tbsp)

a) Tomato ketchup(2 tbsp)
    Nampler(2 tsp)
    Oyster sauce(1 tsp)
    Coconut sugar(2 tsp)

  • 4 Egg
  • Rice(As needed)

Serves 2

45  minutes




1 Cut onions, carrots and bamboo shoots into 7-8mm squares and shiitake mushrooms into 5mm squares.
 Cut the small green onion into small pieces and leave the tip about 10 cm for last decoration.
 Finely chop the garlic.

2 Add olive oil (1 tbsp) and garlic to a frying pan and heat over low heat until you smell the garlic.
 Add minced meat and fry until the heat passes, then add all seasoning (a) and fry.

3 When the seasoning is familiar to the minced meat, add carrots and fry until the surface is transparent.
 Add the onion and fry it further. When the carrot becomes soft, add shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots and green peas and stir well.
 When you’ve adjusted the taste with pepper, turn off the heat, add the small green onion, and mix gently with the remaining heat.
 Let’s move the ingredients to a bowl♪

4 Bake thinly roasted eggs for each person.
 Put the eggs (2 pieces) in a bowl and mix well so that the white is cut.
 Lightly wipe the frying pan and heat it again over medium heat.
 Add olive oil (1 tsp) and pour the eggs.
 Shake the frying pan and if it’s cooked enough to peel off the eggs, slowly transfer it to a plate.
 *It is OK that soft-boiled! Soft and delicious♪

5 Place the ingredient in (3) on the center of the egg in (4).
 Fold the eggs in a square to wrap the ingredients from the left and right, and from above and below, and fasten them with a skewer to prevent the eggs from opening.

6 Turn over the omelet, move it to the serving plate, and remove the skewers.
 Put a knife on the cross in the omelet.
 And the one with more ingredients looks better, so add more if it’s few♪
 Finally, add small green onion and red paprika(or thread chili pepper) on top of the omelet.

7 Put Thai rice and chili sauce on the plate and it’s done.



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