Miso based fish tartar



  • 120-150g raw horse mackerel 
  • 2 myoga(Japanese ginger)
  • A piece of ginger 
  • 4 perilla leaves
  • 2 salt cured plum(umeboshi)*Take seeds
  • 1 tbsp white miso
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • 1 cucumber *Slice vertically
  • Japanese rice cracker (senbei) *Adjust to suit your needs

Serves 2

45  minutes




Cut the horse mackerel into three pieces.
・First, remove the scales and the hard bones on the back.
 Move the kitchen knife a lot while lying down it.
 Drop the head of the horse mackerel, cut in the abdomen up to the anus, and remove the internal organs.
・Rinse the blood with running water.
・After washing well, first make a cut in the skin on the ventral side of the horse mackerel, then insert a knife up to the bone.
 Turn your belly and back upside down.
 Insert the knife on the back skin and then on the bone.
 Finally, while pressing down on the bone, remove it from the bone.
 Similarly, cut the other side.
・Let the kitchen knife lie down, cut off the abdomen, and remove the bone with tweezers.
・Finally, use the back of the knife to peel off the horse mackerel!

 *It’s hard to explain in words, so watch the YouTube if you can!
 *Quickly and politely to keep it fresh♪

2 Cut the horse mackerel to a width of 1 cm and chop it with a kitchen knife.

3 Chopped ginger and perilla leaves and Japanese ginger.
 Removes seeds of salt cured plum and roughly chops.

4 Return the horse mackerel to the cutting board and chop it with the seasoning (3) until becomes slightly sticky♪

5 Transfer (4) to a bowl, add white miso and sesame oil and mix with a spatula.
 Keep it in the fridge until just before the meal.

6 Cucumber is sliced vertically with a slicer.
 Put cucumbers in a circle on the rice cracker, stuff it with tartar, and add spices and chrysanthemums to the top to complete it♪



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