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“Karaage” started as a typical home cooking at the Japanese dining table.
As the times progress, it is also popular as “L-Chiki” and “Fami-Chiki” at convenience stores, and many “Karaage specialty stores” are opening up.

Japanese people are very particular about ”Karaage”, and there are controversies such as “squeezing or non-squeezing lemon for karaage”, and “local karaage” has appeared.

The history of ”Karaage” came from China during the Edo period, as indicated by the KANJI for ”Kara(唐)”.
At that time, ”Karaage” was that ”tofu” was fried in oil and boiled in soy sauce and sake.
(What kind of dish is it closer…? Maybe it is different from “fried tofu” or ” sweety stewed tempura “…)

Although it is a historical “karaage”, but “karaage” seems to be a unique Japanese culture.
As a post-war measure, chicken farms were increased, and as chickens were supplied to the country, “karaage” seem to become more popular.

One of the most famous karaage in Japan is located in Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture.
There are more than 60 Karaage specialty stores in the city, and it has established a firm position as a “sacred place” for fried chicken.
* It is so popular that it opens in Tokyo as “Nakatsu Karaage”!

In the past, in the fall of 1990, the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken have opened a store in Nakatsu City, but withdrew in May 1995 due to poor sales.
The legend says, “Karaage the fried chicken!”and it’s being handed down even now. (However, the store has been reopened since then…)

Well, I also like Nakatsu’s Karaage, which is delicious.

Without further ado, how about “Karaage” for today’s menu?

There are so many kinds of fried chicken.

  • Bandit ware
    The bandits grilled in Nagano Prefecture are fried chicken tatsuta.
  • Fried chicken wings
    Fried chicken wings. It is eaten in various places, but the fried chicken wings in Nagoya are crispy and have a strong pepper spice.
  • From the sacred ground Nakatsu
    Needless to say.
  • Half fried
    Fried chicken is eaten from Niigata City in Niigata Prefecture to Sanjo City. It features salty and light curry taste.
  • Fried chicken half body
    Chicken half body fried without clothes. It is eaten all over Hokkaido.
  • Seki-kara
    Fried chicken fried in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture. The clothing is black and uses hijiki and local specialty shiitake mushrooms.
  • Fried Gurkun
    Commonly eaten in the Southwest Islands. Fry Gurkun in oil.
  • Zanki, Zangi
    Local cuisine of Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture.
  • Zangi
    Zangi is a name widely used in Hokkaido, and the method of cooking is to mix soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and its ingredients with flour, potato starch, eggs, etc. and fry it with high-temperature oil.


  • Chicken thigh … 1 piece (about 300g)
    a) Ginger… 1 tablespoon (use 1 piece with grated juice)
    a) Soy sauce … 2 tablespoons
    a) Sake 2 tablespoons
  • Potato starch … 5 tbsp
  • Salad oil … about 1 cup

Serves 2

40 minutes




1 First, prepare the chicken.
Removes excess fat (yellow fat can cause odor), excess skin and muscle.

2 Drill a hole in the chicken skin with a fork.
This is to prevent shrinkage of the meat and make it easier for the next seasoning to penetrate.
* This time, I made some holes in the meat surface to make it taste better.

3 Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces.
Put chickens in a bowl and add all the ingredients a).

4 Mix well and leave for 15-20 minutes.
* If you mix it up and down several times on the way, the taste will penetrate more ♪

After 15 to 20 minutes, start heating the frying oil.
Put an appropriate amount of salad oil (use 1 cup this time) in a pan and heat over a medium heat (170 ° C).

6 While heating the oil, coat the chicken with a batter.
Prepare the potato starch in a separate bowl, add the chicken of 4 and coat it evenly with the potato starch.
* If you take some time here, the starch will absorb the moisture of the chicken and the surface will become sticky, the trick is to finish your clothes crispy ♪

7 Put the chicken, which has been coated with potato starch, in a pan with the skin side down.
Put it gently so that the oil does not splash.
Add all chicken and fry for 3-4 minutes.

8 When the surface of the chicken becomes golden, it is a sign that it is fried well.
Turn the chicken over on the back and fry for another 3-4 minutes.

9 When the whole is fried, remove the chicken from the pan and transfer to a vat to drain the oil.

10 It is completed if it is served beautifully on tableware ♪



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