Japanese Fried chicken

Most Japanese people are addicted to ”Karaage”.
Juicy bouillon overflows from the crispy batter.
Not only with white rice, but also with beer.
You can enjoy various arrangements with your favorite flavor.
“Karaage” is delicious even when cooled, and is also the main dish of a lunch box.
The “MIMI’S KITCHEN” logo we created is also based on chickens.
Naturally, it is worthy of the first post of GALLERY.

By the way, how about “Karaage” on a fun dining table?

☟Click here for Japanese Fried chicken recipes☟

Fried chicken is divided into starch and flour. I like the oil-soaked garment, and I'm a potato starch group.

Ginger is the deciding factor of the taste. Use is planned.